fleur d'oranger

Orange blossom (flower)

The ultimate Proustian madeleine, the fragrance of orange blossoms has a sweeping, intoxicating effect. Bitter orange blossom is the symbol of beauty and purity, decorating bridal crowns to this day. Relaxing and comforting, orange blossom water helps us quickly fall under the spell of Morpheus. Subtle and suave, it is used in cooking and is a delight to the palate.

The Doux me orange blossom water is developed through the distillation of fresh flowers (1 kg for 1 liter). The end product is soothing, regenerating and softening. Ideal for dry and delicate skin, it preserves the complexion radiant and procures comfort and freshness in the skin. Its perfume is reminiscent of childhood fragrances, delicious pastries and freshly cleaned laundry.

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